compatible. Sustainable.

The Golden Technology Center is designed as a next-generation facility serving the high-tech and professional service companies that power Jefferson County. 


Our Vision

Community Information Session

Thank you to everyone who attended our October 10 Community Information Session. Please click here to watch the full recording of the session.


About the Site

Sustainable and environmental designs to attract climate-minded companies.

Maximum building height of 44 feet less than half as tall as what current zoning allows. 

40-acre light industrial site with 500,000 square feet of modern, energy-efficient space.

Addresses an EDC-identified deficiency of Class A space across Jefferson County.

$25 million in environmental cleanup benefiting more than 20 acres of environmentally contaminated land. 

Solar-ready roofs, LED lighting, and EV charging conduits.  


Important Features

  • For nearly 70 years, this land has been zoned for light industrial uses.
  • Intentionally compatible campus that integrates within the surrounding residential neighborhoods.
  • Committed to preserving sight lines and mountain views and creating buffers and appropriate setbacks.
  • Diversity of uses — including commercial, self-storage, and light industrial — benefit existing and future businesses. 
  • New habitat protections and features.
  • Comprehensive commitment to sustainability and environmental protections.  

Voluntary Cleanup (VCP) Application

A Voluntary Cleanup and Redevelopment Program (VCP) application was submitted to the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment (CDPHE) on behalf of the Golden Technology Center earlier this summer. From August 15 through September 15, a publicly noticed comment period was made available, and interested parties were encouraged to share their input online and via email.

Each comment has been reviewed and indexed, and CDPHE has compiled and published responses to these comments. Please click below to see the comments and attachments in full.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Why build this facility here?

This privately owned land has been zoned for light industrial usage since the 1950s, and a number of businesses have operated on this site over the years. The proposed Golden Technology Center will attract the high-tech and professional service companies that drive Jefferson County’s economy, while aspiring to be one of the most environmentally sustainable technology centers in Colorado. 

Because the site is in proximity to residential communities that have been built over the past three decades, special care will be given to view corridors, noise and sound levels, sustainability, stormwater protections, and other community interests. 

What type of companies would be tenants at the Golden Tech Center?

Attracting and retaining high-tech and professional service companies is a critical path for Jefferson County’s continued economic growth and development. This space will be designed to provide best-in-class facilities for companies such as climate- or health-tech firms, capabilities like advanced research and development, as well as laboratory and production spaces. Professional services, such as HVAC or flooring companies, are well-suited as tenants as well. 

Where can I see the actual application for myself?

The application has been finalized and filed with Jefferson County, and is now part of the public record and available for everyone. The application, cover letter, site development plan, and other important documents are shared above. 

Will this site become a heavy trucking logistics and distribution center with 90-foot-high buildings, as some have alleged? 

No – this is complete misinformation. 

How tall will the buildings be?

The maximum height of buildings will be 44 feet, or less than half as tall as the current zoning and code allows.

Is the public comment period for the Voluntary Cleanup application still open?

No – the public comment period to submit substantive comments was open from August 15 – September 15. Additional information on the application, including responses from the development team, will be shared on this site once they’re available. 

How can I share my feedback with the landowner or developer?

We welcome all questions, feedback, and constructive input. Please fill out our contact form or email us directly at



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